About Pikant

From the rivers and the fjord, from the gardens, lakes, forests and mountains. Sunnfjord is full of goodies! Our chef, Thomas Holme Smådal, values local agriculture. With the chef as your guide, we invite you on a taste journey through the fjords and fruit villages in the district. In search of the best ingredients, he likes to take the shortest route, but rarely the widest. In our menus, you get to follow him in the valley, along the path, up the mountain ridge. The taste of Sunnfjord is Pikant, with us.

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«Sunnfjord is a large agricultural municipality. At Pikant we want to take responsibility for showing what the local producers industry has to offer. We will collaborate with local farmers and producers both in Sunnfjord and elsewhere in the region. We harvest in season and let the taste map follow the seasons. Some ingredients on the plate come freshly picked, others have had time to show you the best sides of themselves. Although the ingredients are local, the inspiration may well be both Nordic and international.

Creativity and award-winning crafts are stored on the beer kegs we pick up from Kinn brewery. Kvernafossen and Skifjorden breweries are also represented in the drinks menu. In the fruit villages around us, they make soft drinks so good that it gives you a feeling of drinking the apple straight from the branch.

When I was little I got to sit on the kitchen counter when my grandmother made juice and jam. I’ll probably bring up the juicer as head chef as well.

From childhood I remember colors, smells and tastes from the cooking at home. I have these memories with me every time I create a new menu. Welcome home – welcome to Pikant. »

Thomas Holme Smådal, Chef

Operating company

Pikant mat- og vinhus is owned and operated by Sunnfjord Restaurantdrift AS.

Our manager is Per Otto Huseklepp, phone (+47) 90 68 40 10 email: post@pikant.no.

Adress: Sunnfjord Restaurantdrift AS, Pikant mat- og vinhus, Hafstadvegen 31a, NO-6800 Førde, Norway.